Friday, March 15, 2013

The recent project in our newly formed art group was to create a collage using the following process:  1) cover the surface with pieces of paper, cardboard, whatever, to create texture background, 2) glaze over the entire surface so that underlayer is obscured but still shows through as texture, 3) glaze and collage more on top of this using a theme of trees.  There are 5 people in our group and, as you can guess, everyone produced such different works.  Below are the 3 I began, plus one I had started at home.    I am continuing to work on all of them.

I began this first one just like the rest, but I didn't like what was happening so I used a credit card to scrape aqua paint over the top. Now I have a new beginning!
I am thinking about adding a glaze of gold paint over this one and the one below to give them a patina.

I think the leaf needs to be more defined, or maybe not?   This is the joy of collage, you explore the possibilities.  Mistakes are not necessarily mistakes.
I began this one at home in the same way as the others.   On all of these I like the background texture.

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