Saturday, June 15, 2013

Last week in our Wednesday art group we each suggested one word.  The assignment for the day was to do a collage using that word as inspiration.  Our four words were bohemia, rain, ecstacy and natural.  We are going to continue working on these next week, but here are four finished ones from this week.

Sharon's work on Rain

Sharon's work on Bohemia

Karol's work on Bohemia
Bohemian Beauty
Karol's work on Natural
Natural Beauty

Eyes postcard challenge

We have worked on another round of postcard challenges. I made nearly identical cards and mailed one to each of 3 friends. The original card front looked like the one below - and there was a pair of sunglasses on the other side.  Normarie and I did only the front side.  Sharon and Connie did both sides.  What fun to see what sparked each of our imaginations.

Here is what Normarie worked out.

Here is Sharon's

Sharon said this was supposed to be me.
Here is Connie's

Here is mine.