Friday, March 15, 2013

Sharon and I are doing some collaborative work as I noted a few days ago.  This week she gave me back the one she had worked on (below).  Now it is my turn.  I am mulling.
Here is my continuing evolution of this piece. 

Sharon's Forest
She also gave me her project from this week to do some work on.  Our theme was trees and she is seeing fairies in this forest.  I am mulling.

Sharon's Forest

Below is what I added to Sharon's forest. Besides adding people in the forest, I sewed on twigs and then sewed the picture to a backing frame.  Are we looking into the forest, or are we standing in the forest looking out?  Is the rabbit showing us a path into the forest or our way out?  Do the people know each other?

The recent project in our newly formed art group was to create a collage using the following process:  1) cover the surface with pieces of paper, cardboard, whatever, to create texture background, 2) glaze over the entire surface so that underlayer is obscured but still shows through as texture, 3) glaze and collage more on top of this using a theme of trees.  There are 5 people in our group and, as you can guess, everyone produced such different works.  Below are the 3 I began, plus one I had started at home.    I am continuing to work on all of them.

I began this first one just like the rest, but I didn't like what was happening so I used a credit card to scrape aqua paint over the top. Now I have a new beginning!
I am thinking about adding a glaze of gold paint over this one and the one below to give them a patina.

I think the leaf needs to be more defined, or maybe not?   This is the joy of collage, you explore the possibilities.  Mistakes are not necessarily mistakes.
I began this one at home in the same way as the others.   On all of these I like the background texture.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Flower for Zeke

Last year I worked on a collage in an open painting class at Clark College.  I had sewn the picture onto a background and had it on my bulletin board for several months.  At Christmas, Kristin had an open house for some of her friends here and Zeke was one of them.  When he saw the picture, he seemed to like it.  Kristin suggested the frame color, Zane glued it to a wooden back board which I had prepared and we are going to give it to him for his new house. 

Back at it!

Hello again!  Although I have not posted here for a almost a year, I have been active in art.  My most recent activity is to start a collage group with some other people in the Vancouver/Portland area.  Since I have had the most experience with collage, I suggested the first couple projects. 

The first one was to use the technique by Jane Davies called scribble painting.  Our group worked on one of these in class.  At the end of the class, Sharon and I decided to exchange our pieces, work on each other's and bring them back to class tomorrow.  Here is Sharon's before and after I worked on it.  I sewed on it and added organza in places on the surface and covered a back frame with organza and sewed it to the picture.  In the photo below, the organza looks more gray than it really is; it is more the same green as in Sharon's original.  This was a fun project to work on; to try to keep the style and feel of Sharon's work with my embellishment.  Tomorrow I will see what Sharon added to my original -what fun!