Friday, March 15, 2013

Sharon and I are doing some collaborative work as I noted a few days ago.  This week she gave me back the one she had worked on (below).  Now it is my turn.  I am mulling.
Here is my continuing evolution of this piece. 

Sharon's Forest
She also gave me her project from this week to do some work on.  Our theme was trees and she is seeing fairies in this forest.  I am mulling.

Sharon's Forest

Below is what I added to Sharon's forest. Besides adding people in the forest, I sewed on twigs and then sewed the picture to a backing frame.  Are we looking into the forest, or are we standing in the forest looking out?  Is the rabbit showing us a path into the forest or our way out?  Do the people know each other?

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  1. You two are great together! This turned out really well with a story in there somewhere also.